Hypertension Package

This package checks various parameters against heart disease.

Click Here and watch this video on how to prepare for your Lipid profile test as it requires fasting.


Our Hypertension package consists of the following tests to provide a comprehensive view on your heart health.

  • ECG: This measures your heart’s electrical activity and is great for spotting irregular heartbeat and other cardiac issues.
  • ECHO: This uses ultrasound to give a detailed look at your heart’s structure and function.
  • Lipid profile: This is essential for assessing your risk of cardiovascular diseases, including heart attack and stroke. It provides a detailed analysis of your cholesterol levels and other fats in your blood.
  • Renal profile: This is crucial for evaluating the health of your kidneys. Kidneys regulate blood pressure by managing fluid and electrolyte balance in the body, thereby preventing hypertension.
  • Carotid doppler: This test is crucial for evaluating the health of the carotid arteries and detecting any potential blockages or narrowing that could lead to serious health issues such as heart attack and stroke.

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4 hours

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Blood, Scan